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Keep your employee health benefits administrator in the loop.

According to a survey conducted by linkedin: 50% of respondents say that flexibility of hours or location has become more important to them, post-COVID. That’s the fastest-rising factor, ahead of work-life balance (45%), benefits such as health coverage (41%), and pay (36%). Employees are reprioritizing what matters to them in a job, and with such large shifts comes large staffing changes.

When companies experience significant staffing changes, it’s common to see benefits get lost in the shuffle. Mid- and large market employers, by sheer volume alone, are even more susceptible to the pains of maintaining a compliant benefits program in the midst of large changes or persistent staff turnover.

Employee health benefits administration today can be conducted with third party support to ensure compliance, and relieve their client of the day-to-day responsibility. Brokers, consultants and advisors have stepped in as experts on the topic to help not only minimize the risks, but also elevate some of the admin strain. However, even the most involved third parties can’t predict when your business experiences heavy staffing changes. That is why it is important to communicate with your advisor team as often as possible.

It is your administrator’s responsibility to ensure anyone on your staff that is eligible for benefits has them, and anyone leaving receives proper, and compliant notices. Should your business experience heavy staffing changes, help your administrator help you, by keeping them updated on any and all staffing changes as soon as possible.

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