Special Enrollment Period

Three month MNsure Special Enrollment Period

ST. PAUL, Minn..—Beginning Tuesday, February 16, a three-month special enrollment period to help any Minnesotan not currently enrolled in health insurance coverage. This announcement follows the nationwide special enrollment period established by President Biden for those states who use healthcare.gov, the federally run health insurance marketplace. The special enrollment period will run until Monday, May 17.

A similar special enrollment period for uninsured Minnesotans in March 2020 just after the start of the pandemic and enrolled nearly 10,000 Minnesotans into private health insurance coverage. In total, the special enrollment period helped more than 24,500 Minnesotans secure health insurance coverage through a special enrollment period from the start of the pandemic through the end of 2020.

This upcoming special enrollment period is another opportunity for uninsured Minnesotans, or those currently enrolled outside of MNsure, to sign up for comprehensive health care coverage. Eligible Minnesotans can also take advantage of cost-saving benefits available only through MNsure. Those who enroll during this time will have coverage that begins on the first day of the month following their sign-up date. For example, Minnesotans who sign-up for coverage in February will have a March 1 start date. Those who sign up in March will have coverage starting on April 1, and so on.

Learn more at MNsure.org

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