MNsure - Special 30-Day Enrollment Period Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Gov. Tim Walz announced on Friday a special 30-day MNsure enrollment period for those currently without insurance in the wake of the[…]

COVID-19 - Learn more about what your Insurance Company is doing

Protecting Humana members and reducing the spread of COVID-19

The situation involving the outbreak of COVID-19 is rapidly evolving, and we are implementing the following measures effective immediately:

PreferredOne Coverage for COVID-19

PreferredOne is keeping close watch on COVID-19 developments to make sure our members are best prepared and supported during the coming days and weeks. To[…]

UCare Coverage Changes for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

We will cover copays, coinsurance or deductibles for doctor-ordered COVID-19 tests meeting CDC guidelines for members in all of our plans, for the[…]

Health Partners Coverage Changes for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

If you’re a HealthPartners member, we’re providing coverage with no member cost share for administration of the COVID-19 laboratory test. We’re also[…]

Medica Coverage Changes for COVID-19 Diagnostic Testing

Information about the 2019 novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, is now headline news. This new strain of viral respiratory illness was first[…]

COVID-19 Insurance Coverage

If you think you may have contracted the virus please see information below: 


Benafica’s new Individual Contribution HRA (ICHRA) services for Employers reimburses employees tax-free for health insurance

Take Care of your Heart

Love is in the air Minnesota! Now is the time to make your Valentine's day plans. Not sure where to take that special someone? Check out a Timberwolves'[…]